Thursday, March 24, 2011

Revealed Preferences in Voting Behaviour

From RTE: Moriarty Tribunal report - The main points

Data on the Tipp North constituency from

General Election 2011 Party 1st Pref Votes Share Quota
Michael Lowry Snr
Independent 14,104 29.22% 1.17
Noel J Coonan
Fine Gael 11,425 23.67% 0.95
Alan Kelly
Labour 9,559 19.80% 0.79

General Election 2007
Michael Lowry Snr
Independent 12,919 29.08% 1.16
Noel J Coonan
Fine Gael 7,061 15.89% 0.64
Maire Hoctor
Fianna Fail 7,374 16.60% 0.66

General Election 2002
Michael Lowry Snr
Independent 10,400 25.39% 1.02
Maire Hoctor
Fianna Fail 8,949 21.84% 0.87
Michael Smith
Fianna Fail 8,526 20.81% 0.83

General Election 1997
Michael Lowry Snr
Independent 11,638 29.13% 1.17
Michael O'Kennedy
Fianna Fail 9,895 24.77% 0.99
Michael Smith Fianna Fail 6,999 17.52% 0.7


Enda Hargaden said...

Proof that nothing good has ever come from Tipperary.

Liam Delaney said...

Interesting post. Just with moderator's hat on, could I ask people to exercise some degree of caution if they are commenting on the legal aspects of the recent tribunal judgment. I am not a lawyer but I think its fair to say that Moriarty's findings are that Lowry engaged in acts of corruption. So the point of Mark's post is clear but lets not get into questions of legal interpretation.

Peter Carney said...

Also, the McCracken Tribunal concluded that Lowry had evaded tax, ahead of the 1997 election! Though, in fairness, the €500,000 extension to his home must have provided a lot of local employment at the time.

Martin Ryan said...

I thought Gaelic Games were invented in Tipperary...

Kevin Denny said...

I think what the table brings out is that the voters in that constituency don't care about the allegations (or whatever they are) regarding Mr Lowry. If there was an election tomorrow, I am sure he would be re-elected. Maybe, thats quite rational - however abhorrent we might regard it - if they think that he has delivered substantial benefits.
Although I am not that familiar with rural Ireland (being an unreconstructed jackeen) my sense is that much of it harbours a general distrust or even resentment towards that "Dublin crowd" (a feeling warmly reciprocated).