Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Links 08/03/2011

1. Time Magazine Top 25 Finance Blogs (via Marginal Revolution)

2. Gerard O'Neill on aging and the economy in Ireland

3. I am surprised how much I enjoyed reading the debate on Andrew Gelman's blog about whether we should use the word "assumptions" or "conditions" when talking about things like normality.

4. Ferdinand takes on the issue of commercialisation and international students. In short, no problem generating revenue but if that becomes the raison d'etre for encouraging international students to Ireland then we are moving to a bad place.

5. Ronan Lyons applies his usual sound analysis and love of cheesy music to the programme for government. I now have "can't touch this" lodged squarely in the center of my consciousness clouding out everything else. Thanks Ronan.

6. Cian O'Callaghan describes the second "Honest to Blog" session. In my experience, people who blog (including myself) love talking about blogging. I will have to contribute my two cent at some stage.

Ok, time to stop. Its hammer time.

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