Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Causality in the Social Sciences

The table of contents of the forthcoming Oxford University Press book "Causality in the Social Sciences" is below.

PART I - Introduction
1: Phyllis McKay Illari, Federica Russo, Jon Williamson: Why look at Causality in the Sciences?

PART II - Health Sciences
2: R. Paul Thompson: Causality, Theories, and Medicine
3: Alex Broadbent: Inferring Causation in Epidemiology: Mechanisms, Black Boxes, and Contrasts
4: Harold Kinkaid: Causal Modeling, Mechanism, and Probability in Epidemiology
5: Bert Leuridan, Erik Weber: The IARC and Mechanistic Evidence
6: Donald Gillies: The Russo-Williamson Thesis and the Question of whether Smoking Causes Heart Disease

PART III - Psychology
7: David Lagnado: Causal Thinking
8: Benjamin Rottman, Woo-kyoung Ahn, Christian Luhmann: When and How Do People Reason about Unobserved Causes?
9: Clare R Walsh, Steven A Sloman: Counterfactual and Generative Accounts of Causal Attribution
10: Ken Aizawa, Carl Gillet: The Autonomy of Psychology in the Age of Neuroscience
11: Otto Lappi, Anna-Mari Rusanen: Turing Machines and Causal Mechanisms in Cognitive Science
12: Keith A. Markus: Real Causes and Ideal Manipulations: Pearl's Theory of Causal Inference from the Point of View of Psychological Research Methods

PART IV - Social Sciences
13: Daniel Little: Causal Mechanisms in the Social Realm
14: Ruth Groff: Getting Past Hume in the Philosophy of Social Science
15: Michel Mouchart, Federica Russo: Causal Explanation: Recursive Decompositions and Mechanisms
16: Kevin D. Hoover: Counterfactuals and Causal Structure
17: Damien Fennell: The Error Term and its Interpretation in Structural Models in Econometrics
18: Hossein Hassani, Anatoly Zhigljavsky, Kerry Patterson, Abdol S. Soofi: A Comprehensive Causality Test Based on the Singular Spectrum Analysis

PART V - Natural Sciences
19: Tudor M. Baetu: Mechanism Schemas and the Relationship Between Biological Theories
20: Roberta L. Millstein: Chances and Causes in Evolutionary Biology: How Many Chances Become One Chance
21: Sahotra Sarkar: Drift and the Causes of Evolution
22: Garrett Pendergraft: In Defense of a Causal Requirement on Explanation
23: Paolo Vineis, Aneire Khan, Flavio D'Abramo: Epistemological Issues Raised by Research on Climate Change
24: Giovanni Boniolo, Rossella Faraldo, Antonio Saggion: Explicating the Notion of 'Causation': the Role of the Extensive Quantities
25: Miklos Redei, Balazs Gyenis: Causal Completeness of Probability Theories-results and Open Problems

PART VI - Computer Science, Probability, and Statistics
26: Isabelle Guyon, C. Aliferis, G. Cooper, A. Elisseeff J.-P. Pellet, P. Spirtes, A. Statnikov: Causality Workbench
27: Jan Lemeire, Kris Steenhaut, Abdellah Touhafi: When are Graphical Models not Good Models
28: Dawn E. Holmes: Why Making Bayesian Networks Objectively Bayesian Make Sense
29: Branden Fitelson, Christopher Hitchcock: Probabilistic Measures of Causal Strength
30: Kevin B Korb, Erik P. Nyberg, Lucas Hope: A New Causal Power Theory
31: Samantha Kleinberg, Bud Mishra: Multiple Testing of Causal Hypotheses
32: Ricardo Silva: Measuring Latent Causal Structure
33: Judea Pearl: The Structural Theory of Causation
34: Sara Geneletti, A. Philip Dawid: Defining and Identifying the Effect of Treatment on the Treated
35: Nancy Cartwright: Predicting 'It Will Work for Us': (Way) Beyond Statistics

PART VII - Causality and Mechanisms
36: Stathis Psillos: The Idea of Mechanism
37: Stuart Glennan: Singular and General Causal Relations: A Mechanist Perspective
38: Phyllis McKay Illari, Jon Williamson: Mechanisms are Real and Local
39: Jim Bogen, Peter Machamer: Mechanistic Information and Causal Continuity
40: Phil Dowe: The Causal-Process-Model Theory of Mechanisms
41: M. Kuhlmann: Mechanisms in Dynamically Complex Systems
42: Julian Reiss: Third Time's a Charm: Causation, Science, and Wittgensteinian Pluralism

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