Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Savage Eye on Hospital Consultants

Advisory: Explicit lyrics

Comparative data on renumeration for Irish hospital consultants are difficult to find.

The most recent official OECD data (2007) suggest that Ireland's 'Specialists' earned approximately 3.6 times the average wage. Though other countries (including UK) had larger ratios to average earnings, none of these other countries, except Luxembourg, had the average wage levels of Ireland during 2007. Undoubtedly the situation differs somewhat now.

The Irish nurse/doctor ratio is also available in these same data; Ireland, has an OECD average number of doctors; though significantly we have the highest numbers of foreign-trained doctors. With the second highest numbers of nurses per 1,000 population at 15.5, Ireland ranks second in OECD on the practicing nurse/doctor ratio: five (5.1) registered nurses for every registered doctor (though 'registered doctor' in this ratio will include GPs also).

OECD Health Data, 2009


Liam Delaney said...

Really enjoying that show. Some brilliant satirical pieces.

Anonymous said...

A Good News Story About Irish Health Care - Richard Layte, ESRI