Monday, January 10, 2011

Economics for Business Studies: Does it Matter?

Does the Performance on Principles of Economics Courses Affect the Overall Academic Success of Undergraduate Business Majors?

Rupert G. Rhodd, Sandra M. Schrouder and Marcus T. Allen
Abstract: Using a sample of 1,339 graduates from an accredited business school and the maximum likelihood technique, this paper explores the relationship between overall academic success and performance on the Principles of Economics courses. The estimated model, which also includes some demographic variables, shows that the rank of professors teaching the course, age of students, and the number of credits earned do not influence business majors’ overall academic success. However, the grades earned on the Principles of Economics courses, gender, ethnicity, the major in which the student is enrolled, the number of years the student takes to graduate, as well as whether or not the student is completing a minor significantly affect the overall academic success or the final GPA of business majors.

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