Sunday, December 26, 2010

Grand Challenges in Economics

(ht Stephen Kinsella) - the NSF issued a call this year for white papers on the grand challenges in the social and behavioural sciences. The AEA have posted the Economics submissions on this page. Would be very interested in discussing some of these submissions with readers of the blog interested, particularly the behavioural and measurement papers.

Acemoglu, Daron Challenges for social sciences: institutions and economic development

Alesina, Alberto Why certain countries have developed and others have not?
Altonji, Joseph Multiple Skills, Multiple Types of Education, and the Labor Market: A Research Agenda

Autor, David and Lawrence Katz Grand challenges in the study of employment and technological change

Baily, Martin Neil Some Foundational and Transformative Grand Challenges in Economics

Berry, Steven A Proposal for Future SBE/NSF Funded Research: Refocusing Microeconomic Policy Research

Bloom, Nick Key Outstanding Questions in Social Sciences

Blume, Lawrence Robustness and Fragility of Markets: Research at the Interface of Economics and Computer Science

Boskin, Michael Ideas about possible NSF grand challenges in economics over the next twenty years

Brown, Charles, Dan Brown, Dalton Conley, Vicki Freedman, Kate McGonagle, Fabian Pfeffer, Narayan Sastry, Robert Schoeni, and Frank Stafford Future Research in the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences with the Panel Study of Income Dynamics

Card, David, Raj Chetty, Martin Feldstein, and Emmanuel Saez Expanding Access to Administrative Data for Research in the United States

Cramton, Peter Market Design: Harnessing Market Methods to Improve Resource Allocation

Cutler, David Why Don’t People and Institutions Do What They Know They Should?

Diamond, Peter Three Important Themes: Taxation of Capital Income, Behavioral Economics in Equilbrium Analyses, and Systemic Risk

Duflo, Esther A Research Agenda for Development Economics

Eaton, Jonathan and Samuel Kortum The Contribution of Data to Advances in Research in International Trade: An Agenda for the Next Decade

Fischer, Stanley Questions about the Future of the International Economy

Fudenberg, Drew Predictive Game Theory

Gintis, Herbert Long-range Research Priorities in Economics, Finance, and the Behavioral Sciences

Goulder, Lawrence Integrating Economic and Political Considerations in the Analysis of Global Environmental Policies

Greenstein, Shane, Josh Lerner, and Scott Stern The Economics of Digitization: An Agenda for NSF

Gruber, Jon What is the Right Amount of Choice?

Haltiwanger, John Making Drill Down Analysis of the Economy a Reality

Hansen, Lars Peter, Markus Brunnermeier, Anil Kashyap, Arvind
Krishnamurthy, Andrew W. Lo Modeling and Measuring Systemic Risk

Hanson, Gordon Future Directions for Research on Immigration

Hanushek, Eric Developing a Skills-based Agenda for "New Human Capital" Research

Hart, Oliver Making the Case for Contract Theory

Heckman, James A Research Agenda For Understanding the Dynamics of Skill Formation

Hubbard, Glenn Some Compelling Broad-Gauged Research Agendas in Economics

Imbens, Guido Challenges in Econometrics

Jackson, Matthew Research Opportunities in Social and Economic Networks

Jorgenson, Dale A New Architecture for the U.S. National Accounts

Kapteyn, Arie Measurement and Experimentation in the Social Sciences

Kroszner, Randall Implications of the Financial Crisis

Levine, David Virtual Model Validation for Economics

Lo, Andrew A Complete Theory of Human Behavior

Moffitt, Robert A New Household Panel in the U.S.

Nordhaus, William Some Foundational and Transformative Grand Challenges for the Social and Behavioral Sciences: The Problem of Global Public Goods

Poterba, James Research Opportunities in Economics: Suggestions for the Coming Decade

Reis, Ricardo Three outstanding challenges for economic research

Rodrik, Dani A Research Agenda in Economic Diagnostics

Rogoff, Kenneth Three Challenges Facing Modern Macroeconomics

Roth, Al Market Design: Understanding markets well enough to fix them when they’re broken

Samuelson, Larry Future Research in the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences

Stavins, Robert Some Research Priorities in Environmental Economics

Van Reenen, John The productivity grand challenge: Why do organizations differ so much?

Varian, Hal Clinical Trials in Economics

Weir, David Grand Challenges for the Scientific Study of Aging


Kevin Denny said...

I have looked at a few of these: lots of great ideas. On the behavioural front (broadly defined) Lo and Gintis are good. In labour/education: Heckman, Hanushek, Altonji. There are some common themes here which are reassuring.
On data & methods:Kapteyn, Varian, Imbens.
I didn't see much on health & biology which is surprising.

Marie said...

These are fun to read. I enjoyed Lo's too and I noticed that more than one author mentioned the need for economics to talk with and draw from other social sciences.

Anonymous said...

These are terrific. Ideal reading material for first-year Ph.D. students. I have so far got through Altonji, Autor, Hanushek and Heckman. Highly recommend those four.