Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Education and the budget

Lots could be, and doubtless will be, said about the budget. But it is worth looking at some of the changes regarding education. The increase in higher level fees is 500Euro and only for the first child in the family (no increase for the second kid). So the government has gone out of its way to protect the relatively well off who dominate university. Meanwhile the Educational Disadvantage Budget has been slashed by 60% and student grants are to be cut by 4%.
Well at least you know what the government's priority is: protect the middle class.


Anonymous said...

Irish students should note that they may apply for UK college loans from 2012:

Irish may apply for UK college loans from 2012

I wonder if we could invite the UK Student Loans Company to set up an operation in Ireland?

On Budget Day almost 15 years ago, the Conference of Religious of Ireland stated that the abolition of higher education fees would "not help the disadvantaged or create any additional places in colleges".

Times Higher: "Irish budget decision expected on fee ban" - 3 February 1995

Unknown said...


That article says Irish students can apply for UK loans if they are going to British Universities...

Anonymous said...

Apologies for any ambiguity Sinead. I should have emphasised that Irish students can only apply UK college loans if they will go to UK universities.

I thought this detail was implicit in my comment; which is why I asked if we could invite the UK Student Loans Company to set up in Ireland.