Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blog Development

Anyone with suggestions for things to add or delete from the blog, please let me know. This year was the worst I have ever put down in terms of time so I have neglected the blog somewhat and am going to put aside a little time over the next week to make some improvements. Aesthetically, I am sorry folks but I don't have any sense of this at all so the look isn't going to change but I would like to freshen up the links and maybe get some suggestions on useful things to post. Thanks to Enda who has already emailed on some dead links etc., that I will tidy up. Suggestions for improvements big or small most welcome.


(i) Have taken off dead twitter links and inactive blogs from the links

(ii) Have added some blogs e.g. Nudge had switched to a new site

(iii) Have added a search widget

(iv) Have added a page-counter

(v) Reset Upcoming Conference Deadlines

(vi) Removed Followers Tab - not really adding much

1 comment:

David said...

Liam, the search bar at the top left will only search for keywords. Perhaps a search bar that only looks for the word (e.g. welfare) in the 'tags' and not just the text.