Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shocking news about progression to university in Ireland

The news from this years' Irish Times "feeder lists" is... well not news at all since it tells a depressingly familiar tale of unequal access to university.
Going to university and higher education generally is not, of course the be-all and end-all of secondary education but the government does not allow any other comparative data on educational attainment to be published at the school level, lest people be allowed to make informed decisions.


Vincent O Sullivan said...

Hey Kevin,

Any idea as to how the Irish Times lists are compiled? The SUnday Times people were quite secretive.

Martin Ryan said...

Vincent, you may also be interested to know, if you have not seen the story already, that there are 26,000 students in fee-paying second-level schools paying at least €6000 per annum (Irish Times, April 21st).

26,000 at private schools at a cost of €100m to taxpayer

I think Kevin has been in touch with the Department about getting more information in this area.

Kevin Denny said...

I don;t but I would think they are quite open about it.
M: I got data back to the late/mid 90s

Martin Ryan said...

Would be interested to hear (on here or via email) what exactly you're looking at Kevin!