Thursday, November 25, 2010

Behavioural Economics on RTE Radio 1

Earlier today, behavioural economics featured on the Pat Kenny show (there are some problems with this link) on RTE Radio 1. I don't think the podcast is available yet, but details about the show are available here. I happened to be listening earlier; the application of behavioural economics to consumer behaviour was the main theme. A talk by David Laibson from earlier this week in Brussels (who also spoke in UCD this week) was mentioned, as was a talk by Cass Sunstein.


Kevin Denny said...

Behavioural economics on the Pat Kenny show: what next Joe Duffy on semi-parametric sample selection models?

Vincent O Sullivan said...

"Anne from Clontarf just texted in to say that her MLE just isn't converging and she blames Brian Cowen"

Kevin Denny said...

I think thats fair criticism. In the same circumstances though I find switching to BHHH often deals well with difficult likelihood functions.