Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heckman Equation Website

Thanks to Colm for sending on the link to the Heckman equation website. Most people who read the blog are familiar with the large volume of research conducted by Professor Heckman. Heckman is one of the most cited economists in the history of the discipline and won the Nobel Prize in 2000.  Anyone working in areas such as child policy, social policy, education evaluation and related disciplines should look at this website. It contains several short videos explaining the basic rationale of Heckman's ideas on educational investment.  It also contains guides to explaining the Heckman curve to policy audiences and even a poster of the Heckman curve. Heckman's work on this is one of the most important ideas to come out of Economics and, to use the TED line, these definitely are ideas worth spreading. My colleagues in Geary have been collaborating with Heckman on a major project in this area based in Dublin, details of which are on this website .

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