Monday, September 06, 2010

All Ireland Travellor Health Study Results

The All-Ireland Travellor Health study results were launched recently. Details of this are available on the website link here
One of the key findings is that Travellers of all ages continue to have much higher mortality rates than people in the general population, with Traveller men now living on average 15 years less than men in the general population and Traveller women living on average 11.5 years less than women in the general population. Deaths from respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases and suicides were more markedly increased in Travellers compared to the general population. The suicide rates among Traveller men were identified as 7 times higher than suicide rates among men in the general population.

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Kevin Denny said...

These differences in life expectancy are huge. I recall reading in a paper (can't remember which one but it was reputable) that if cures for cancer were found that life expectancy would rise by just a couple of years.
I wonder how this population compares with the settled but low income population? Is it "just" poverty?