Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Economic Journal: New Empirical Analysis in the Economics of Education

This month’s Economic Journal features a series of articles on the economics of education, including:

The Impact of Diagnostic Feedback to Teachers on Student Learning: Experimental Evidence from India*
Karthik Muralidharan Venkatesh Sundararaman

Are Educational Vouchers Only Redistributive?*
Eric Bettinger Michael Kremer Juan E. Saavedra

'Every Catholic Child in a Catholic School': Historical Resistance to State Schooling, Contemporary Private Competition and Student Achievement across Countries*
Martin R. West Ludger Woessmann

You Get What You Pay For: Incentives and Selection in the Education System*
Thomas Dohmen Armin Falk

Ethnicity and Educational Achievement in Compulsory Schooling*
Christian Dustmann Stephen Machin Uta Schönberg

From an Irish perspective, the article on the effects of private schooling which uses historical prevalence of Catholicism as an instrument is particularly interesting. There is also a book review of Akerlof and Shiller’s `Animal Spirits’. Link.

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