Friday, July 30, 2010

UCD Library - Handbooks of Economics

Below is from an email from UCD Library. Very useful for Economics PhD students here.

The complete series of Handbooks in Economics from Elsevier Science are now available online through findit @UCD Library.  This is a valuable resource comprising 28 vols and of relevance to many schools.


Agricultural Economics

Computational Economics

Defense Economics

Development Economics


Economic Growth

Economics of Arts & Culture

Economics of Education

Economics of Finance

Economic Forecasting

Economics of Giving, Altruism & Reciprocity

Environmental Economics

Experimental Economics Results

Game Theory with Economic Applications

Health Economics

Income Distribution

Industrial Organization

International Economics

Labor Economics

Law & Economics


Mathematical Economics

Monetary Economics

Natural Resources & Energy Economics

Population & Family Economics

Public Economics

Regional & Urban Economics

Social Choice & Welfare

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