Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Questions Essay Series

The Templeton Foundation invites a spectacular array of thinkers to debate Big Questions:

"Does the free market corrode moral character?" with contributions by Jagdish Bhagwati Robert B. Reich John Gray Garry Kasparov Qinglian He Michael Walzer Michael Novak Bernard-Henri Levy Kay S. Hymowitz Tyler Cowen Ayaan Hirsi Ali John C. Bogle Rick Santorum

"Will money solve Africa's development problems?" with contributions by Donald Kaberuka James Tooley Ashraf Ghani Edward Green Iqbal Z. Quadir James Shikwati Michael Fairbanks William Easterly

and last, but not least, "Does the universe have a purpose?" with contributions by Lawrence M. Krauss Paul Davies David Gelernter Peter William Atkins Nancey Murphy Owen Gingerich Bruno Guiderdoni Christian de Duve John F. Haught Neil deGrasse Tyson Jane Goodall Elie Weisel

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