Friday, July 02, 2010

Upcoming Internal Sessions

Below is a schedule for internal sessions in the next couple of weeks. Others within UCD who read this blog and want to come along should drop me an email. We met today to talk through some other ways of organising these things. Please feel free to send emails on suggestions.


Monday 5th July 11am: Journal Club (Nicola O'Connell). Papers below.

Fowler, James H. and Christakis, Nicholas A., Dynamic Spread of Happiness in a Large Social Network: Longitudinal Analysis Over 20 Years in the Framingham Heart Study (December 7, 2008). British Medical Journal, Vol. 3, January 2009.:

Essex, C. & Smythe, W. (1999) Between Numbers and Notions: A critique of psychological measurement. Theory Psychology, 9, 739

Wednesday 7th July 11am: Historical Determinants of Health (Mark McGovern)

Thursday 8th July 11am: Introduction to the Survey of Health Aging and Retirement. 

Friday 9th July 11am: Behavioural Economics and Automatic Pensions Enrollment in Ireland (Keith O'Hara)


Monday 28th 2pm: Introduction to STATA and Data Management (Enda Hargaden)

Tuesday 29th June 2pm: Journal Club. (Liam Delaney). See selection of papers on post below. I will go through some of these.

Wednesday 30th 11am: Introduction to Irish Universities Study (Cathy Redmond)

Thursday 1st July 2pm: Introduction to LaTEX (Martin Ryan)

Friday 2nd July 11am: Econometrics Symposium (Liam Delaney). See previous post below.

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