Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Memo to sundry commentators


BrendanH said...

This is interesting.


The coefficients below use lots of data on grades at a particular third level institution, and a range of control variables, and show the overall effect of points on undergraduate grades (gpa-like scale) plus the additional effects of points in Irish, English and Maths:

Overall 0.495***
Irish -0.038*
English 0.003
Maths 0.230***

(points are divided by 100)

Interpretation: while overall points have a substantial effect on 3rd level performance, doing particularly well in Irish or English has little or no beneficial effect, but doing particularly well in maths has a strong effect.

This is not evidence that doing LC maths is beneficial, but that those who do well at it will continue to do well.

(Pardon the interruption; I just wanted to show that I have data).

Kevin Denny said...

Good,why not write it up and publish?