Wednesday, June 23, 2010

JEP Symposium on Causal Econometrics

The JEP symposium linked below discusses Angrist and Pischke's (AP) paper on IV and other experimental and quasi-experimental methods as key developments in modern microeconomics (the "taking the con out of econometrics" paper). I have put together a few slides on this and we will meet next Friday 2nd July at 11am in Geary boardroom to talk through the papers. This session will run till 1pm. It is completely informal and a chance for people working here to get their heads around the key issues in these crucial debates. It is not essential to read all of the papers in advance though it would be good to read the AP paper in detail and at least one of the other papers. I will put up two slides on each of the replies and attempt to summarise them.

JEP Symposium (requires subscription)

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