Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Few Links: 29/6/2010

1. The new (eye-tracking) Facebook Study from Mulley Communications and National College of Ireland: 71% of users looked at adverts on their Profile pages, 31% of users looked at adverts on the News Feed page (homepage).

2. The Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher Initiative for small limited companies: the next closing date is 31st October 2010.

3. Shakespeare and the Neuroeconomics of Self-Control

4. Bloomberg Businessweek: Obama Adopts Behavioral Economics

5. The HM Treasury Spending Challenge: an open invitation for public sector workers to contribute to the UK government’s Spending Review.

6. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is embarking on a study into deceptive marketing.

7. Insight Central: Tips for Ordering Survey Questions Effectively

8. Rich datasets require statistical sophistication: Some readers will be familiar with UCD (and formerly Geary) researcher Dr. Ken McKenzie. The link is to his new blog (aheadinbusiness.net); it's about about "using evidence to understand how people think and act in markets and at workplaces."

9. Liam recently mentioned a new paper by Heckman and colleagues about the GED, a high-school diploma equivalent offered as a second chance to people who have dropped out of regular-track high-school in the United States. In the video below, Homer Simpson sees fit to burn his GED sheepskin once he becomes a "college-man". I haven't seen the episode; perhaps somebody could elaborate?


Kevin Denny said...

9: I think its just that if you are going to get a college degree then a GED or a high school diploma is irrelevant. My Leaving Cert results haven't featured on my CV for some time.
Jim Heckman's work emphasizes that while the GED is cognitively equivalent to a high school diploma those with GED's do worse in the labour market because of poorer non-cognitive skills. Perhaps Heckman had Homer in mind?

Liam Delaney said...

Good find Martin on that one Martin.