Thursday, June 24, 2010

Evidence and Policy special issue

'Evidence and Policy' have a special issue and the editorial, 'Evidence and policy in six European countries: diverse approaches and common challenges' is available free online.


Kevin Denny said...

I noticed in the editorial the following "Finally, Kennedy, de BrĂșn, Reilly de-BrĂșn and MacFarlane reflect on how the ambition of the Irish government to promote an evidence-based approach to policy making has played out within the areas of
health and social inclusion policy, pointing to the challenges that arise when such an ambition is combined with a commitment to participatory approaches to policy and practice development."
I had never noticed this particular ambition of the government & it does not seem to extend to other areas, macroeconomics obviously but also education, fiscal policy.
What "participatory approaches" to policy development are I don't know.

Liam Delaney said...

Thanks Nicola - will read. A session here on the role of government and business in social science is long over-due.

Nicola O'Connell said...

I persume they're talking about social partnership Kevin.