Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Articles for Journal Clubs

We will be starting with journal clubs here for the summer pretty soon. I hope these journal clubs will allow us to discuss some of the most influential papers in social science, particularly from a methodological point of view. Also, we will focus on papers that have influence across several disciplines. My preliminary list is below and I really would like suggestions. We have covered some of these papers in the past but doing them again is really not a problem.

1. Gary King; Christopher J.L. Murray; Joshua A. Salomon; and Ajay Tandon. "Enhancing the Validity and Cross-cultural Comparability of Measurement in Survey Research ," American Political Science Review, Vol. 97, No. 4 (December, 2003), 567-584; reprinted, with printing errors corrected, Vol. 98, No. 1 (February, 2004): 191-207.

2.  Almond, Douglas (2006) “Is the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Over? Long-Term Effects of In Utero Influenza Exposure in the Post-1940 U.S. Population” Journal of Political Economy, v. 114, pp. 672–712.

3. McClure, Samuel M., David Laibson, George Loewenstein and Jonathan D. Cohen. 2004. Separate Neural Systems Value Immediate and Delayed Monetary Rewards. Science (October):306.

4. Butz WP, Torrey BB Science. 2006 Jun 30;312(5782):1898-900. Some frontiers in social science.

6. James P Smith, 2009. "The Impact of Childhood Health on Adult Labor Market Outcomes," The Review of Economics and Statistics, MIT Press, vol. 91(3), pages 478-489, 01.

7. Kahneman, D., Krueger, A. B., Schkade, D., Schwarz, N., & Stone, A. A. (2006). "A survey method of characterizing daily life experience: The Day Reconstruction Method." Science. (Full text : http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/306/5702/1776).

8. Angus S. Deaton, 2009. "Instruments of development: Randomization in the tropics, and the search for the elusive keys to economic development," NBER Working Papers14690, National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc.

9. List, John A., 2009. "An introduction to field experiments in economics," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Elsevier, vol. 70(3), pages 439-442, June.

10. Abhijit V. Banerjee & Esther Duflo, 2007. "The Economic Lives of the Poor," Journal of Economic Perspectives, American Economic Association, vol. 21(1), pages 141-168, Winter.

11. Richard H. Thaler & Shlomo Benartzi, 2004. "Save More Tomorrow (TM): Using Behavioral Economics to Increase Employee Saving," Journal of Political Economy, University of Chicago Press, vol. 112(S1), pages S164-S187, February.

12. Daniel Kahneman, 2003. "A Psychological Perspective on Economics," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 93(2), pages 162-168, May.

One for internally. We are meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) at 2pm in the seminar to work through various activities for this summer. There are about a dozen people here on internships across various projects so we will discuss some activities such as STATA programming workshops, LatEX workshops and so on. Thanks to PhD researchers and others who have already volunteered to give sessions over the next few weeks and more suggestions welcome. 

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