Monday, May 10, 2010

Assorted Links: Irish Vacancies and Redundancies Data

1. RendezVous353 aims to connect Irish business people around the world, encouraging social interaction and creating a platform for business networking amongst the diaspora. Here's a feature on the website in Silicon Republic.

2. Enterprise, Trade and Innovation press release: Minister O’Keeffe to lead drive to create 117,000 jobs over next 10 years

3. Enterprise, Trade and Innovation report: Jobs and Growth: "sets out the core policies and actions to drive productivity improvements, to grow exports and create new sustainable jobs"

4. The on-line jobs index for Q1 reveals an increase of 9% in jobs advertised online in Ireland since Q4 2009. Medical professionals and healthcare sector sees the biggest increase in new jobs advertised. Retailing, wholesaling and purchasing shows the largest decline in new jobs advertised.

5. on-line Salary Survey (2010): "benchmark salaries for new employees in most jobs... reduced by 5-20% since 2008"

6. The Fas/ESRI Employment and Vacancies Survey: the most recent survey information that I can find is for March 2008

7. Brendan Walsh discussed Irish vacancies data in the Quarterly Economic Commentary in 1977: Unemployment, Vacancies and "Full Employment" in the Irish Manufacturing Sector

8. The U.S. online jobs index rose in April for a third straight month and posted its largest year-on-year percentage gain since July 2007. Story from Reuters.

9. Irish redundancy statistics provided by the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed. Breakdowns are possible by gender, month and county.

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