Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reminder: Walking Tour Dublin

A lot of our research projects here concern health and education, and many of us have a strong interest in how education, health and social conditions evolved in Ireland in the 20th century and patterned the current distribution of welfare in the county. Pat Liddy recently gave us a tour of parts of inner-city Dublin, taking in Stephen's Green then back along to the quays past Wood Quay and up to Henrietta street. The session lasted about 3-4 hours followed by some cups of tea afterwards. It was a really informative and interesting session and I have asked Pat to do it again. We will do this on Sunday March 21st at 2pm, this time beginning on Westland Row and walking around areas such as Pearse Street, Sheriff Street, then into the Docklands, around O'Connell Street and so on. Please email me if you would like to go. 


Martin Ryan said...

Will we get to go to Monto?

Liam Delaney said...

yes - never let it be said that we didn't take our staff to a good brothel area.