Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Links 17-03-10

1. From the Youtube vaults. Milton Friedman's televised debate with three socialist intellectuals in Iceland in 1984. This is great television and I think the time has come again for this type of thing. Friedman is an absolutely superb target person in this debate, whether you agree with him or not. The current president of Iceland (who was responsible for their recent referendum) is one of the debaters with Friedman.

2. List of twitter links for graduate students (via @garyking)

3. Andrew Leigh points to a paper on experiments on tax evasion

4. TASC blog on the Innovation Taskforce report  Stephen Kinsella's thoughts are here. John McHale's views are here. Colm McCarthy gives it the Simon Cowell treatment here. Ferdinand's thoughts are here.

5. Declan Kiberd has an entertaining rant partly about modern communications ("process morons with iphones and blackberrys") in the Irish Times "Renewing the Republic" series.  Damien Rice argues that we need some mothering in his contribution.  They should implement all of these ideas for the laugh. Cannot be worse than our financial policies in the last 10 years.

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