Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Michael Daly - Congratulations

Congratulations to Michael Daly who just overcame his PhD viva in TCD. His supervisor is the well-known health psychologist Mac MacLachlan. Arthur Stone, whose work is familiar to hopefully all regular readers here, was the external examiner. Michael's thesis encapsulated five papers, including one forthcoming in Health Psychology and a number of others that are under review or revision for top psychology journals. He has also published a number of other papers including work dating back as far as his undergraduate thesis. During his time on the PhD register in Trinity, he worked on a number of projects with me and others in Geary, including a recent paper on time preferences, and he worked as a Fulbright Scholar in Roy Baumeister's lab in Florida State University. He is currently working on a number of exciting collaborative projects in the area of well-being and self-control, including work on inflammation. He has presented his work at several conferences and has been a regular fixture for the last two years at events and internal sessions in Geary. He is certainly one of the most talented people I have ever worked with at any level and I wish him a lot of future success.


Kevin Denny said...

Well deserved, Michael is a highly talented young scholar

Martin Ryan said...

What's your secret Michael; should we drink more Lucozade? :)


Peter Carney said...


Michael Daly said...

Thanks very much everyone. I've really enjoyed being fostered into Geary and being part of the exciting environment there for the last two years.

No secret Martin, except getting a leg up from people like Liam (just realizing 'people like Liam' is not really a valid phrase)and I do admit to having a bottle of lucozade before the exam yesterday (!).