Thursday, February 25, 2010

links 25-02-10

1. Alex Tabarrok raises the stakes on finding a true behavioural economics anthem. Having run an econometrics bandname competition here for the last four years (this year's winner to be announced soon), I am wary of escalating another session. They tend to break out here and spread like chickenpox in a creche.

2. Wolfers and Stephenson raise interesting questions on gender differences in graduation ages on Freakonomics blog.

3. Nudge blog evaluates the progression of behavioural economics using autocomplete. They lament that behavioural economics is still a "Hibernian outpost in the great economics Roman Empire". They don't quite mean that behavioural economics is best suited for the Irish, but I like the idea of having a Hibernian outpost over here in Hibernia.

4. Neuroeconomics makes it on to IrishEconomy blog. John O'Doherty and colleagues work on inequality aversion is discussed by Kevin O'Rourke.


Kevin Denny said...

3: interesting analogy. As far as I knoe some Romans did make it over from Britain but decided to take a pass on Hibernia: too savage. But then it was somewhere like Balbriggan so you can understand.

Liam Delaney said...

Yes, Agricola the Roman general reckoned he could have taken out Ireland with one legion but he didn't bother for various reasons.

The monks and ascetics that prospered in Ireland around the fall of the Roman empire did write a lot about self-control and maintaining one's plan to live in the service of God. I will post at some other stage. In some sense, they kept the delta flag flying when the beta was being let loose elsewhere.