Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend Links

1. Karl Whelan on whether we need more PhD Economists in the civil service

2. Stephen Kinsella on the road to recovery

3. A remarkable piece by George Osborne and Richard Thaler. I somehow doubt that "We can make you behave" was a title they suggested to the editors.

4. The Keynes/Hayek rap is up to over 350,000 hits - report.

5. Tim Harford talks in the FT about a behavioural economics application in Afghanistan

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Kevin Denny said...

The "we can make you behave" is probably a reference to Paul McKenna who writes best sellers books like "i can make you thin/rich". As far as I know, he is heavily influenced by so-called "Neurolinguistic programming", the scientific basis for which is minimal.But I digress.
Am reading "Nudge" at the moment: very interesting.