Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekend Links 22-01-10

1. For those who missed the bookclub, I came across a version of "Road to Serfdom" in comic-book form set to music 

2. Peter Sutherland on the need for mergers between Irish universities (ITimes).

3. Kasparov on chess, technology and the stifling of creativity "This is our last chess metaphor, then—a metaphor for how we have discarded innovation and creativity in exchange for a steady supply of marketable products."

4. One from the Youtube vaults - Milton Friedman's dramatic response to Phil Donahue on whether seeing hunger and poverty in the world made him question capitalism and greed as a basis for society. See also Friedman's classic half-hour interview here 

5. Rational Irrationality interviews Richard Thaler

6. William Easterly heralds an age of accountability for aid agencies.

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