Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend Links 16/01/10

1. Testosterone increases bids in the Ultimatum Game - Scientific American

2. Interesting interview with James Heckman in the New Yorker Rational Irrationality blog.

3. And another with Eugene Fama I have added Rational Irrationality to the bloglist. Good blog. Both of the above interviews part of an interviews with Chicago Economists series.

4. Arnold Kling on why the recession is so deep (via Marginal Revolution).

5. In Search of Memory (Video talks of Kandel - link via Bayesian Heresy).

6. The European Economics Association's call for papers is out.

7. A Zen monk takes over Japanese Airlines - an interesting experiment in the power of mindfulness

8. Again, most of the recent Economix posts will be of interest to people who read here. Nearly makes me redundant.

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