Sunday, January 10, 2010

Links for 10-01-09

The Hallelujah chorus is ringing around my office here as the last of the winter exam scripts are corrected. The intro sentences to the links will sound a little less like they are coming from an angry loner for a while.

1. A post on Irish Economy on the relation between behavioural economics and policy

2. Core Economics post by Joshua Gans on research on incentives created by project versus person research grants

3. Paul Krugman slamming an article on the decline of Europe, partly by pointing out that the author included the Soviet Union in definition of Europe

4. Zheng, Wang, Glaeser and Kahn on the Greenness of Chinese cities (NBER paper)

5. Richard Wilson's Future Files has a lot of food for thought. Includes the prediction that blogs will die out about 2020. I wonder what we will be blogging about here in 2019?

6. A dynamic map of the evolution of regional Irish unemployment rates


Martin Ryan said...

Impressed by the dynamic map from Ultan Technologies. A great way to quickly get to grips with regional differences in unemployment.

Martin Ryan said...

It's a free mapping gadget from Ammap:

Kevin Denny said...

As for Richard Wilson's predictions: I don't believe it