Friday, January 08, 2010

Links for 08/01/10

Ireland has now run out of grit and salt. Our children roam wild, unsupervised and unschooled. Pretty soon our food supplies will be cut off. Enjoy these links dear readers. I will continue for as long as I have strength and internet connection.

1. Economix post on how different countries manage healthcare risk

2. Via Mostly Economics, Rogoff and Reinhart's AEA paper looks at growth rates at countries with differing debt levels.

3. UCD MA Economics. For those thinking of doing an MA in Economics, applications being accepted  for 2010/2011.

4. Microeconometrics Using STATA is currently the top-selling book on STATA website. Can't recommend it or its companion textbook highly enough. Great resources. Btw please send me STATA links and I will post them if useful.

5. Justin Wolfers provides an analysis of the content of this year's AEA session on Freakonomics blog

6. Constantin Gurdgiev analyses the Live Register figures


Martin Ryan said...

Useful analysis of the Live Register figures by Dr. Gurdgiev.

Judith Delaney said...

haha, very funny intro! I think the extreme weather is great (easy for me to say as I sit in sunny CA) but think of all the exciting econometrics that can be done as a result of this natural experiment :-)

Liam Delaney said...

Judith (former student but no relation!) - yes, the burgeoning literature on the great chill will be interesting to see in a few years time.