Thursday, January 07, 2010

Links for 07-01-09

Snow and ice continue to assail our small island. Look on us future generations and take pity. Below are some links to what some of us were thinking about on this bleak day.

1. The Specials "Working for the Rat Race" Recommended by a Professor of a certain vintage who can nostalgically recall mixing it with the local skinheads at the discos and ballrooms of old. Contains some classic lyrics on the value of PhD education. Come to think of it, one of their best known songs "Ghost Town" is starting to feel a bit too contemporary again

2. Irish Times article on PJ Drudy and SJI/CORI book on new measures for social progress

3. Greg Mankiw gives his views on Obama's economic policy team. As always raises the question as to whether a similar structure in Ireland would help

4. Brian Nolan, Professor of Social Policy at UCD, published a paper  on income inequality and public policy in recent edition of ESR. Well worth reading.

5. What Ireland will be borrowing in 2010 (via Irish Economy)


Kevin Denny said...

Ballrooms? I think the professor needs to be outed.

David Madden said...

Liam got it mixed up a bit. In November 1979 went to see the Specials (and the Blades and Dr Feelgood) at a concert venue known as the Olympic Ballroom. Unfortunately it was neither a ballroom nor of Olympic standards. Music was great, pity about the local skinheads.

David Madden.

Liam Delaney said...

ah - i did wonder somewhat about the ballroom aspect. resetting my mental image of what you folks got up to in the rare auld times.