Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Links for 06-01-10

Some links on a day where snow seems to have completely ground Ireland to a halt.

1. MIT Context Aware Experience Sampling Site (thanks Michael Daly)

2. VOX article by Farmer on the Natural Rate of Unemployment

3. RCSI Mini-Med Lecture Series - Excellent Seminar Series (thanks Eoin McGuirk)

4. Economix blog article on happiest days of the year

5. Amarach Research Report for National Consumer Agency on Consumers and the Recession

6. CSO Seminar on Using Administrative data (via Irish Economy)

7. John Quiggin on Marxian Economists and the Financial Crisis

8. The Visa Fees article that everyone is blogging about as described by Tyler Cowen

9. The Silent Epidemic of Chronic Pain in Ireland  (Large Research Study)

10. RAND Testimony on Understanding Motivation of Terrorists

11. TED Talk on how to live to be 100

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