Monday, January 25, 2010

Links 25-01-10

The next book club will be on Identity Economics, which I am working my through at present. No definite plans yet so I wont give this a separate post! A number of interesting NBER papers, only a couple of which are linked below. Feel free to send suggestions for links.

1. Andrew Leigh on SimpleTax - a behavioural solution to problems with tax filing

2. Dee and Jacob NBER working paper on the effects of a student plagariasm intervention

3. Jacob and Wilder NBER working paper on the role of expectations in educational attainment

4. Oswald and Wu IZA paper on match between subjective and objective measures of well-being

5. Batista and Vicente IZA paper on whether migrants improve domestic institutions by increasing the demand for accountability

6. Ronald Ehrenberg has a VOX-post on gender of academic leaders 

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Keith said...

Unfair! I pre-ordered last month and Amazon says my order won't be posted until this Friday. Hope it's a good read so far.