Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Links 19-01-10

1. Pictures from Haiti . Anyone professing to be interested in human welfare must look on and wonder how to organise the world better to secure people against such hazards. For now, opinions on the best on-the-ground response are best left to people with expertise in crisis management. But the wider issues affect everyone with a conscience or even an interest in distribution and welfare.

2. Brendan Walsh on IrishEconomy on impact of recessions on health

3. Marginal Revolution on other ways to help Haiti 

4. An interesting post by Gary Becker on the internet, censoring and innovation

5. Stumbling and Mumbling features a new Andrew Oswald paper on the causal impact of well-being on productivity

6. Morning in Ireland (or not, depending on your view - from Michael Hennigan)

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crazy idea i know but how do u think credit cruch affected porn?

kelly divine