Monday, January 18, 2010

Links 18-01-10

1. For those wanting to do postgraduate training in Behavioural Economics and related fields, IAREP has a list of potential courses 

2. Salma Hayek and Friedrich Hayek compared (thanks Paul McDonnell). Anyone who wants to talk about Hayek tomorrow at 7.30pm let me know.

3. IAREP Call for Papers 2010 (Thanks Martin for updating the upcoming conferences tab). As well as faculty, please consider submitting to this conference if you are an advanced stage PhD and have a good paper.

4. My behavioural economics course . Desperate to talk to people about structure and philosophy so let me know if you would want to talk.

5. Justin Gleeson and Rob Kitchin estimate the number of vacant dwellings in Ireland on the excellent Irelandafternama blog

6. John Quiggin puts up the conclusion of his book  Has been interesting to see how he developed this book through his blog.


Kevin Denny said...

I think the Hayek vs. Hayek needs to apply appropriate weights to the different criteria. I heard Hayek speak when he came to UCD in the 1980s. Bur frankly I would much rather have listened (using the term loosely) to Salma.

Liam Delaney said...

I suppose that's why we have both libraries and cinemas.

I suppose another way of framing it is who is more substitutable to the world as a whole.