Thursday, January 14, 2010

Links 14-01-10

1. Catherine Rampbell talks about the rise of long-term unemployment and the creation of a growing underclass on Economix Blog, covering similar ground to Ronan Lyons' post on Irish long-run unemployment linked earlier. I don't like the use of the phrase underclass in the Irish context (don't know about the US) but the main ideas in her post ring true here also.

2. Robin Hanson posts about the levers of innovation

3. Stephen Kinsella is constantly integrating new technologies into his module content. He is looking for comments on i-phone apps he is developing for teaching economics

4. Andrew Leigh summarises recent work by John List and colleagues on experimental economics

5. Greg Mankiw posts on the rise of European leisure

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Kevin Denny said...

I don't think "underclass" is all that bad & would be used quite widely. It might seem to have the same connotations as untermensch or "lower class" but it simply reflects the fact that they are a group in an inferior position: just not inferior people.