Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Links 13/01/09

It may be helpful to get a sense of what it is like to be in Ireland at present to look at the following video that shows a thirty second clip from the main news of the public broadcasting channel the other evening. It has received 750,000 views on Youtube and the anonymous star is now the subject of a facebook fan page that is snowballing. The ice has melted but the father-ted feel of public life remains.

Below are today's links:

1. Economics and Human Biology  is becoming an increasingly cited source over the last few years. The last issue has a number of interesting papers on the use of stature as a health bio-marker. The first article in the previous issue is co-authored by colleagues here.

2. David McWilliams article in today's Irish Independent on how NAMA is a sell-out of young people

3. Applia blog is now added to the blog list at the side. Any economics student who reads here should follow this blog. (thanks Ronan)

4. Trinity Economics Professor, Kevin O'Rourke, wins Advanced Investigator ERC award for project on trade during the Great Depression. This is among the most prestigious and competitive funding awards across any discipline in Europe and is awarded only to the very elite of academia for projects judged of high merit by a full peer-review.

5. BBC article - what turns young affluent people into suicide bombers? Worth considering Alan Krueger's work on terrorism alongside this

6. Stephen Kinsella on the elderly takeover heralded in today's times

7. More on whether Costa Rica is the world's happiest country

8. The BBC's links to Haiti appeal websites are here

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