Friday, November 20, 2009

While we're on the topic...

It should be noted that Wednesday's match was played in Saint-Denis, France. I admit it is unlikely that Swedish referee Martin Hansson was aware of the social-science literature (for example here and here) indicating that he may be biased in favour of the home team.

In that case it may benefit the man to draw his attention to some research closer to home.


Liam Delaney said...

can get the third link. is the brian lucey's paper you are linking to?

Liam Delaney said...

also - i think the linesman needs more attention in this issue!

Enda Hargaden said...

Link 1 - Sutter and Kocher (2004) 'Favoritism of agents – The case of referees' home bias', Journal of Economic Psychology.

2 - Nevill et al (1996) 'Factors associated with home advantage in English and Scottish soccer matches', Journal of Sports Sciences.

3 - Folkesson et al (2002) 'occer refereesrs' experience of threat and aggression: Effects of age, experience, and life orientation on outcome of coping strategy', Aggressive Behavior.

(Yep, there's a journal called Aggressive Behavior.)

Enda Hargaden said...

That last link has some typos. It should read: Soccer referees' experience of threat and aggression: Effects of age, experience, and life orientation on outcome of coping strategy.

Liam Delaney said...

cool - brian lucey also has a paper on home-bias for referees

Kevin Denny said...

There was a paper some years back co-authored by Canice Prendergast, that looks at this using data from football in Spain. I think it is published but see
As the son of a soccer referee I can attest to the aggression that they experience & that was in amateur games.

Anonymous said...

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