Monday, November 02, 2009

Returns to footedness

Its good to see that economists' continuing interest in laterality. This paper does not investigate left vs. right-footedness but measures the benefit of being "two-footed". Some work of mine (Neuropsychologia , 2008, 2091-2094) shows how ambidexterity conveys certain cognitive advantages.

The returns to scarce talent: footedness and player remuneration in European soccer

Alex Bryson, Bernd Frick and Rob Simmons, CEP Paper No CEPDP0948

Abstract: We investigate the salary returns to the ability to play football with both feet. The majority of footballers are predominantly right footed. Using two data sets, a cross-section of footballers in the five main European leagues and a panel of players in the German Bundesliga, we find robust evidence of a substantial salary premium for two-footed ability, even after controlling for available player performance measures. We assess how this premium varies across the salary distribution and by player position.

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