Monday, November 16, 2009

Research by Susan Dynarski

In advance of Susan Dynarski's visit to UCD on December 3rd, it is worth looking at her research publications (here and here). Some recent work by Dynarski is as follows:

(i) Complexity and Targeting in Federal Student Aid: "Puzzlingly, there is little compelling evidence that Pell Grants and Stafford Loans, the primary federal student aid programs, are effective in achieving this goal (increasing college enrolment)."

(ii) Building the Stock of College-Educated Labor: "Even with the offer of free tuition,
many students continue to drop out, suggesting tuition costs are not the only
impediment to college completion."

(iii) The Lengthening of Childhood: "Almost every state has increased the age at which children are allowed to start primary school. This change is remarkable given the strong evidence that, in the United States, starting school later decreases educational attainment."

I would be willing to facilitate one of these papers in a journal club before December 3rd.

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