Friday, November 20, 2009

Academic Etiquette

Via Gary King's page, this guide to academic etiquette from the Chronicle of Higher Education has some gems

link here


Liam Delaney said...

some nice articles in the chronicle more generally

Kevin Denny said...

A very nice piece that is hard to quibble with.But..what does "don't steal ideas" translate to in practice? If I see Professor X has done something in a published paper that it has to be okay for me to do the same or something based on it provided I acknowledge it.
What if its available in unpublished format, like a wp? Say I write a piece based on X's working paper & submit it. I could get mine published before X's if I am quick about it. That could make it more difficult for X and of course my paper becomes "the first published paper" on the topic.
I think this is why in many fields unpublished papers (like wp's) are much less available than in economics where publication lags are unusually long.People are afraid of being ripped off.