Friday, October 09, 2009


more or less converted but this is an interim assessment. some potentially useful aspects

- many major organisations now message about seminars, new documents and so on.

- useful way of distributing seminar information to a self-selected audience. in that sense certainly useful for any reasonable size research group who like to get audiences to their seminars or keep people in touch who have a particular interest in what they are doing. for example, i notice some former team members here who are following the tweets and this is a nice way of keeping people in touch who want to be.

- if you pick the sites you wish to follow carefully, you get a neatly filtered overview of important things that have happened during the day or week.

- feel free to defend facebook but twitter is a much less awkward interface for me in that you don't have a lot of private material stored and you dont have to ask people's permission to follow them or vice versa. the twitter market seems a lot smoother in terms of following and dumping contacts as you wish and hard to offend anyone! the emotional investment seems a lot lighter and more appropriate for less personal interactions.

some sites i have found good include Stephen kinsella, Richard Florida, The Economist, Bill Easterly, Brad Delong, New York Times Economix, World Health Organisation. I can do a bigger list at some stage. the ones I follow are on my page below.

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Eibhlin said...

Gary King also worth following