Saturday, October 10, 2009

Revised Programme for Government

The RPG is available below. For people interested in Irish policy, it will be useful to read this in order to understand the extent to which evidence and careful analysis plays a central role in the formation of policy in Ireland.

link here.


Colm Harmon said...

Get your tongue out of your cheek!

Kevin Denny said...

Yeah, heavy-on-the irony. For some reason, when I saw "RPG" I thought rocket-propelled-grenade.

Kevin Denny said...

One aspect of the RPG to catch my eye was the commitment not to introduce university fees. So the Greens would like to retain the significant re-distribution towards the well-off embodied in the present system. I guess that reflects who their voters are. However my attention was drawn to the following on the RTE web site: "Green Party leader John Gormley has said there is no intention to reintroduce third level fees but that increasing registration fees was a matter for universities to decide."
So as long as its called a registration fee but not a tuition fee thats ok then? D'oh.