Friday, October 09, 2009

Labour Market Policy in Ireland

Labour market policy in Ireland is conducted by the Labour Force Development Division of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. As outlined in pillar 2 of the Department’s Strategy Statement 2005-2007, the primary role of the Labour Force Development Division is to:

* Monitor the effectiveness of FÁS expenditure and activities in pursuit of the Department's strategic training and labour market objectives;
* Ensure labour market participation of the unemployed and other margnialised groups through active labour market measures, including the National Employment Action Plan;
* Facilitate the integration of people with disabilities to the labour market through the implementation of agreed Sectoral Plan to meet their employment and training needs.

Labour market policy publications from the Department are available here. These include Employment Action Plan Monthly Reports, Further Measures to Support National Recovery, and an Indecon Review of Active Labour Market Programmes.

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Kevin Denny said...

"Monitor the effectiveness of FÁS expenditure"? That should make interesting reading.