Friday, August 14, 2009

Building Ireland's Smart Economy

For those of you reading this who are interested in Irish economic issues, if you haven't read this document then you should. For better or worse, this is current medium-to-long run roadmap for Ireland.

link here

The main action areas are:

- Enterprise

- Innovation

- Environment and Energy

- Critical Infrastructure

- Efficient and Effective Public Services and Regulation

With respect to innovation, the strategy involves things like those listed below. It is way overdue that detailed scientific thinking is brought to bear on the likely effectiveness of these different inputs and indeed what outcomes they are aimed at.

- more favourable tax treatment for venture capital

- direct innovation stimulus funding

- revamping visa processes for researchers (this has been underway for a couple of years and has certainly improved things)

- fifth cycle of PRTLI

- Further development of SFI

- Development of summer schools

- Enhancing of functions of county enterprise boards

- Incentivising participation in relevant areas

- Development of a marketing campaign around the "innovation island"

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