Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TED Blog and Conference

"Next time you see someone in a Ferrari, don't think: 'They're greedy." Think: "This is someone incredibly vulnerable and in need of love." - Alain De Botton,

Some interesting sessions at the recent TED conference. The blog has some videos such as Alain de Botton's talk.

The behavioural economist in me has led me in particular to want to know more about the following topics:

Karen Armstrong on Compassion (Armstrong's books on religion are outstanding)

Loretta Napoleoni on Terrorism and Criminality

Misha Glenny on Organised Crime

Paul Romer on Charter Cities - These ideas seem to getting mixed reviews on some of the websites but it has occupied a relatively high "mind-share" for me since I saw his video talks. Available on the side bar of this blog.


Kevin Denny said...

I think that if you were to offer love to the Ferrari driver you might regret it. As Hemingway observed the richer are different from us...they have more money than we do.

Peter Carney said...

i'm reminded of the [Del Boy?] expression "money takes the sting out of being poor" ..

Anonymous said...

Another one is:

It's a bittersweet symphony. that's life...

True in all cases, when you think about it(IMHO)...