Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jobs That Are Hard to Fill, Right Now

Some jobs are currently hard to fill in the United States, according to the New York Times (earlier this week):

Welder is one, employers report. Critical care nurse is another. Electrical lineman is yet another, particularly those skilled in stringing high-voltage wires across the landscape. Special education teachers are in demand. So are geotechnical engineers, trained in geology as well as engineering, a combination sought for oil field work. Respiratory therapists, who help the ill breathe, are not easily found, at least not by the Permanente Medical Group, which employs more than 30,000 health professionals. And with infrastructure spending now on the rise, civil engineers are in demand to supervise the work.


Liam Delaney said...

excellent - can you put up a widget on the side martin for putting together a list of good video series. Include the LSE and MIT ones to start with

Liam Delaney said...

scratch that - obviously meant the videos on last post