Monday, June 15, 2009

Blog Revamp

We will be putting the blog back together over the next week.

Suggestions welcome.

Current Sidebar Items Planned:

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Kevin Denny said...

I don't like the green headings & as any woman could tell you "blue & green should never be seen".

Liam Delaney said...

agree kevin - we are working on a colour scheme. and as man or woman who has ever come within sight of me will know, I am not fully qualified for this task. We are going to put some time and effort into this though to try to raise the game on the blog over the next year.

UCD Geary Institute, Dublin, Ireland. said...
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Enda Hargaden said...

That looks a bit better.

Kevin Denny said...

It does , the blue & red is a bit much perhaps :shades of United vs. City

Enda Hargaden said...

As you wish, Kevin.

Kevin Denny said...

yeah MU rule