Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Arctic Monkeys on Behavioural Economics

The Arctic Monkeys’ third single, Leave Before The Lights Come On, was released as a music video in August 2006, only months after the band’s debut album. The video, filmed in Sheffield’s Cultural Industries quarter, features English actors Kate Ashfield and Paddy Considine, shown below (HT: The Inspiration Room).

Ashfield’s character opens the music video standing on the edge of a tall building, apparently preparing to jump. On the pavement below Considine’s character is halted in his tracks by a shoe falling from above. He races up the stairs to coax the woman back from the edge. There's more to the story than this, but the premise is that Ashfield is about to engage in irrational behaviour. Or is she? Alex Turner has the following to say on the matter - the opening lines from the song:

Well this is a good idea,
You wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t,
You wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t one?

Watch the video here.

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